They are a sobering reminder of the high cost of freedom, and proof that courage and determination have the power to unlock a brighter future. Watch their inspiring testimonies below.

The Campbells | Kansas City, KS
Major Shawn Campbell, USMC

The Katzenberger | Parkvile, MO
Jeremy Katzenberger, US Army

The Santos’ | Grand Island, FL
Chief Petty Officer Richard Santos, USN

The Bauguess’ | Wake Forest, NC
Major Larry Bauguess, US Army

The Carpenters | Dickson, TN
Lance Corporal Andrew Carpenter, USMC

The Eckerts | Waterville, OH
Sergeant Andy Eckert, US Army

The Englishs | Lewis Center, OH
Captain Shawn L. English, US Army

The Faulkners | Milton, GA
Major David Blair Faulkner, USAF

Tayler Garber | Brainerd, MN
Command Master Chief
Jeff Garber, US Navy

PAIGE Garber | Brainerd, MN
Command Master Chief
Jeff Garber, US Navy

The Gilberts | San Antonio, TX
Major Troy Gilbert, USAF

The Halletts | DuPont, WA
Captain John Hallett, US Army

Sarah White | Dallas, TX
Command Master Chief
Captain Dennis White, USAF

Samantha Novack | Milford, CT
Specialist John Novack, US Army

The Pulidos | Oklahoma City, OK
Major Ed Pulido, US Army


The day they are awarded a Folds of Honor scholarship is always memorable.
But seeing them graduate, pursue their career, and build a life that honors their service member
– that’s when the fruits of our mission are most evident and rewarding.